Holidays SA: Upcoming South African Travel Holidays 2016

holidays sa


Let’s tighten up our shoelaces and get ready for holidays sa with wildlife safari, experiencing heights from Cape Town Mountains and Drakensberg Mountains. South Africa is a giant country with beautiful monumental places that will leave you mesmerized. Thus, make sure this time you are planning a trip to South Africa to live through buzz of flourishing Johannesburg, various landscapes, and experiencing sophisticated dine out at Cape Town in exciting Rainbow Nation cities.

  1. Nelson Mandela’s Re-experience History: Robben Island, a place known for keeping prisoners. Today, after the freedom of South Africa this place holds a lot emotional connection. While traveling to South Africa, don’t forget to visit and relive the moments, where Mandela the great Politician ate, slept, worked hard as a labor, and eventually became a leader during the time he spent with his jail mates for 18 years.
  2. House of Great Leader: Surprisingly, Mahatma Gandhi used to live in South Africa. Gandhi is not only famous for his work in India, he also played vital role in civil rights in South Africa. His movements against cultural and racial discrimination in South Africa helped in improving ideologies. Thus, do drop by Satyagraha House, when you travel to South Africa this year!
  3. Drakensberg Mountains: Known to be the most impressive cliff face on Earth. Just to give you an idea, Drakensberg is ten times bigger than the El Capitan in Yosemite. However, you don’t have to get frightened by the height of it, the hike is 100 percent suitable for climbing. Hence, if you are ready for experiencing a challenging rock-climbing route this is the right place to go for trekking!
  4. Largest Green Valley: When you visit South Africa, make sure you experience the Valley from two views top and bottom, both. At bottom, you will have pleasure of enjoying in river cruise down in the canyon. While from the top, you will be left dazed after viewing one a kind endless view of a remarkable region. Join holidays sa 2016

This is just a sneak peek of holidays sa, South Africa’s endless glorious places to visit. Therefore, if you are ready for an adventurous trip that is full of action. Then start packing up your bags and get ready to spend time in South Africa and explore magnificent beaches and verdant forest of Cape Town or the highest peaks of the Mountain.


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