Travel Sim; World Sim Infinity with Global WiFi Hotspot

Join the most connected network in the world!

Travel Sim For your international trips and travels to various part of the world, the one thing you won’t want to miss is communication and being off net during your time away.

Travel Sim:  WorldSIM which is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that has roaming agreements with over 600 mobile network operators worldwide in order to provide free incoming calls to users in over 200 countries of the world today.

  • WorldSim was founded in the year 2006, it was created with the vision to reduce the high costs of using your mobile phones while travelling overseas. WorldSim developed a unique SIM card that enables users to select the region in which they are located in so that they can access free incoming calls while overseas and reduced the cost of outgoing calls.
  • The World Sim infinity with global WiFi hotspot is one of the most advanced SIM cards in the world today, this universal SIM would help combine the power of mobile and Wi-Fi in the palm of your hand.
  • This World Sim Infinity card is a unique smart travel gadget you need to have on you when you embark on your trip. With the WorldSIM Infinity card you can now get much greater and better coverage, unlimited data connection and seamless connectivity.

  • The World Sim is the most advanced SIM on the planet right now. When you get this award winning WorldSIM International SIM card which comes an amazing unlimited combined with WiFi pass in order for you to access over 50 Million WiFi hotspots and 600 mobile networks across 200 countries gving you access to the net on the go, anywhere, anytime the Wi-Fi connection of this card is 3 times faster than normal 3G. You can also connect seamlessly between mobile and WiFi. This Travel Sim also give you the access to recieve free incoming calls in 95 countries of the world.
  • WorldSIM is the most connected service provider in the world at the moment. Access your favourite apps or surf the website on an iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and many more Wi-Fi enabled devices seamlessly.
  • WorldSIM Infinity can help reduce your data roaming charges by an amazing 95% rate, low cost calls with also a 95% rate reduction and SMS worldwide in over 200 countries of the world. This Travel Sim keep you connected practically everywhere.

Your WorldSIM Infinity SIM card comes with UK and USA phone number though if you like you can choose to add mobile phone numbers from other countries as well with the virtual numbers service of this network.


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