Ultimate Travel Packing List; For Women On The Road


Ultimate Travel Packing List: Vacations are one of the things everybody looks forward too, especially after the work of the long year, you will certainly want to get and have some fun for yourself and by yourself. Well, when going on a vacation, you certainly cannot go empty handed.  You definitely need to be well packed and ready for the vacation ahead. So what do we need to make our vacation feel my comfortable and put us at EASE if  you are a female traveler?


This is what we could called one of the most essential. Toiletries are very important because that are of day to day usage. They are the instruments of healthy hygiene and you will definitely need a complete set of toiletries that suits your taste and make your vacation worth it.
Lotions: now you could definitely not go on a vacation without taking the appropriate lotions to suit the weather. For vacations in summer,  you should especially t the sun to be at its most active, you it’s best you take lotions that keep. Your skin protected under the hot sun. A good example is Forever’s Aloe sun screen. So your lotions are very essential to make your skin feeling good, even away from home.
Deodorant: apart from the lotion and other thing a woman has to have is her Deodorant to make sure her pits do its work properly and Maintain proper hygiene. Since they are a large variety of this, it’s bro go with deodorants that last you a very long time. It is also advisable to not use antiperspirants on you vacations.

Hand sanitizers: on you vacations, you are going to and environment you are not familiar with. And knowing fully that your hands are going to be one of the most engaged parts for your body, there is going to be a good need for you to take your hand sanitizers to make your hygiene complete.



Off course you need to be covered, no doubt about that. So knowing what to wear really depends on many factors around your vacations. One of which is the weather; If you are going for a vacation in summer,  you should know that your dresses have to be light weighted. You could get dresses made from chiffon or just normal light weighted cloth materials. But you are going for a vacation in winter, be rest assured you need to put on the heavy jackets and heavy cotton boots to keep yourself during that cold period you are on vacation.

Ultimate Travel Packing List: You could also need a whole lot of things and they are very essential
–  Face towels
–  Bathing soaps
–  Sponges
– Tissue paper
–  Nail cutters
–  Hair shampoos



Ultimate Travel Packing List: In the 21st century world you certainly don’t want to live anywhere without you electronic kit. You could choose list your electronic gadget as you wish
– Mobile phone
– Note book computer or you mini laptop
– Mp3 players
– Tablets
-Hands free
-Head phones
– Power banks


To some women, this could probably the most important. And it’s highly recommended that you travel with your make up set. A vacation doesn’t mean you should not look good as always. To an extent you might not be able to take all your make ups because of the fact that you have to be compact when you travel but some make up accessories are very crucial before one can say she has a make up set:

  • Ultimate Travel Packing List
    -Lip stick
    -Lip liner

    -Foundation or brown powder
    -Eye pencils
    -Brow pencils (with concealer)
    Some other major things that you would need to put under your vacation list could be numerous but of the one we recommend for female Travelers are comprehensive for a smooth vacation:
  • Ultimate Travel Packing List
    -lamps (depending on your destination)
    -Mosquito nets
    -Traveling line to hang your clothes if you vacations is a field trip
    -Head covers

    -Hand gloves
    -Foot wares
    With all these,  you vacation as a female will sure be easy, smooth and enjoyable to say the least.


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