Travel Essentials: Top 20 Packing List

Travel Essentials


Prepare to say goodbye to the stress of packing, and say hello to pen a backpack full of things you really need with Travel Essentials

Have you ever stared into the empty backpack, containing her bedroom strewn around like crazy, just shook, pushing down the door and ransacked the contents of your closet? Travel Essentials

Yeah me too.

So I asked our Facebook community ball to tell us what items you absolutely can not live without when traveling.

So I have this down to their input, as well as some of my own, and voila! I give you – in no particular order

my Top 20 list Basics for packaging Travel Essentials (you know will be good with all those capital letters).

Basics Travel packing list / Travel Essentials

  1. Torch

Do not be that person back to the dorm room late at night and change the headlamp; use a torch to make their way … … … shut up. I recommend modest head lamp. In addition to being useful for cross Dormland, it’s also good for hiking and exploring caves.

     2. Wet Wipes

They may seem like a “middle-aged woman with a bag” a little, but believe me -. When you’re traveling, and wipes are a godsend traveling Use them to clean scrapes and scratches, delete your tongs, wipe the sweat from his face (nice), great, if you can not take a shower (nice big) … the list is endless! As Facebooker Ellie, who are “band toiletries” he said. Speaking about the band …

3.  Adhesive Tape

Use it to repair tears in your backpack! Secure your mosquito net with her! Tape this annoying person in the mouth of her bedroom with her! OK, does not last, but the point I which is: the band is actually very useful. Take with you. Thank you.

4.  Cameras

Not only is forever preserved his memoirs, you know you are dying to get this person on Facebook, we all jealous of your vacation photos. Why not go further and share your photos on Instagram and tag strange jealousy #StartTheAdventure.

5.  Cash / Travel Essentials

Unfortunately, you can not go traveling without a bit of money. But instead carries a lot of money with it, paste it into STA Travel CashCard. It works like a credit or debit card, or by uploading your money there, and will not get into debt, because you can only spend what you have. Genius! In addition, it can be charged by anyone (Hi Mom) and everywhere, but can also be used to withdraw money, so it is not necessary to change the currency.

6.  Condoms

Young, free, easy and – How do I like this? – Sexually active? Promoting safe sex; pack some quality condoms. You do not want to be the result of an unwanted home with you, if you understand me gifts.

7. Passport / Travel Essentials

You will not be far without a passport, but before you pack, remember to check that it is not about to expire! Many countries – including tax havens backpacker Australia, Thailand and Malaysia – will not leave you if your passport expires within six months from the date of arrival. It is also worth packing photocopy of your passport and other important documents. Or, if you’re feeling a bit of the 21st century, the advice of these Facebooker Meagan and ‘E-mail a copy of them for you so that you always have. ” Good idea, Meagan! Do not forget to check if you need a visa to enter the country you are traveling in – our travel experts can assist if necessary.

8. Discount Cards

Is it acceptable that a student under 26 years or teachers? Opportunity! You are entitled to a discount card that can be used worldwide at 40,000 reduction; including things such as food, travel guides and how to move. You should take away YHA card to save money on all Association hostels for young people worldwide.

9  Drugs

No, not that kind of medicine – I’m talking about the guys Drugs! First, we paracetamol. Worth taking a hiding with you, because your brand name is not always available abroad. Secondly, we have the Tiger Balm. If you have not yet discovered this versatile fragrance, the time has come. Like our Facebook Lauren, who is “amazing for headaches and insect bites,” he said, but also can affect some (gently) in their sore muscles.

10. Baby Powder / Travel Essentials

Maddie our Facebook sums it up: “… baby powder can be used to stop rubbing the bag, soothing to the skin, to your hair, to stop the friction shoes … the list goes on end,” I do not think I need to add something, thanks to Maddie!

11. Sleeping Bag Liner

If you are traveling on a budget, sleeping bag boat is necessary. Basically it is a thin cozy sleeping bag, which should be protected from insects that can be hidden in some dubious places that remain. Pop one in a backpack, and get a good night sleep instead of worrying about the state of the leaves. Collect good silk and felt 5 star bed down.

12. SIM Card / Travel Essentials

Staying in touch with friends and family in the house and found his companions. Get a SIM card and global saving money on international calls, texts and data usage. Get coverage in 180 countries around the world, free incoming calls in over 70 countries and Facebook free ads. Falling to the store and take the fast before leaving, or online. Global SIM card is the life (or at least the protector of your phone bill) when you want to contact the friends you make on your trip, where to meet them later.

13. Earplugs

Who invented earplugs certainly had plenty of time to sleep in the room. These nuggets of genius are more or less essential if you want to sleep well at night in the hostel. They are also useful for night trains and buses.

14. Mosquitoes and Gnats

No one likes to snack, and no one likes to be covered with bright red spots. Even if you are one of those really annoying people who never seems to have been bitten (hate), it is worthwhile to spray a repellent and investment in the network, particularly in the areas of malaria,

15.  Notepad and pen

I guarantee that, despite their best intentions to start a blog when he was about to write loads, are forgotten. There is nothing better than sitting on a secluded beach with a laptop in hand, writes about her recent travels and record how you feel. As our Facebook Lisa, “It would be a shame if all these amazing things forgotten … and I can not get into all the experiences and photos or remember all the details forever. As I write!”. Thanks

16. Travel insurance

Okay, this is embarrassing, and that, like her mother, but it is so, so important – among other things, because you can not get when you left! Do not let your iPod get nicked, or to pay for treatment ruin your trip. You can buy insurance from only 37p a day – Designed with the young and the adventurous traveler in mind. Be covered by more than 100 adventure sports and adrenaline activities for free – not to tell your mother!

17.  iPod / iPhone

Or the ability of smart phones such as listening to music. Travelling without music on long lines is not fun; In addition, songs can listen to forever remember your travels – * sigh * melancholy. In addition, you can use your smart phone to access wireless (technology these days, huh?) Answer council Facebooker Amy. “Google Maps was invaluable during my absence before moving to a new city, luggage space cards, as when I arrived, I could never go too lost! Useful when somewhere late at night comes.” Remember to disable data roaming, or can be downloaded with a massive phone bill.

18.  locks Travel Essentials

Take a couple of padlocks. They will ensure your backpack, but can also be used in the lockers in some hostels.

19. Toilet paper

some toilet paper roll in the bag, especially when traveling in Latin America or Asia, where public toilets can be very empty roll council staff. In some notes related to aseo-; Start practicing your skills squatting, such as public toilets will probably rare, and toilet seats – squat, anyone? You’ll soon get used to them.

20 Scarf Travel Essentials

No, it is not winter woolen; I talk big beautiful light scarf – called pashminas ladies. Gentlemen, why not try a keffiyeh, or less politically controversial equivalent, but not yet manly. Not only do scarf to keep warm when the nights are cold,


21 And one of the lucky visa …! Travel Essentials

Make sure you have your residence permit, or to wait a long, long time at the border. If you have less than five days to go, no drama, it’s time to visit your local store and to introduce fast track visa services visa!
That’s all from me, but this is far from an exhaustive list. Do you think I missed something obvious, or have your own way should not be missed? Leave them in the comment box below!

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