Transfer Code Bank USSD; For All Nigeria bank

Transfer Code Bank USSD; For Nigeria Bank; How To Use Them

Through the USSD codes of Nigeria Bank, one can easily transfer money to family and friends without having to queue at the ATM. Technology makes life simple, and we just hold him. In this post, I will show you all Nigerians USSD codes and how to transfer money using ‘Transfer Code Bank USSD’

Transfer Code Bank USSD; OPERATIONS of mobile phones in Nigerian BANKS.

In Nigeria, for example, is not something new that can easily transfer money from one bank to another in Nigeria through their mobile phones. Since the advent of mobile phones, utilities resulted was huge. Since many Nigerians now have smartphones, bank and Nigeria have adopted the use of mobile phone technology (USSD codes Nigerian banks). Banking services become less stressful. In 2015, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), presented a series of checks BVN-Bank that is easy to identify each account holder and the Bank. If a bank customer uses the savings account, the fixed account, current account or even household bills. Since the Bank and Nigeria introduced a replacement phone using ATM; ATM technology advances in the banking sector were on the positive side, but the last technology to transfer money

via USSD codes, transfer code bank  transmission wires is cooler and easier for most customers of banks Nigeria.

With the service of money transfer from USSD mobile banking, there is no need to queue in the banking hall to pay only a small amount of money. It is fast, convenient and secure. Gone are the day’s of withdrawal slips, now you can use ATM Cards or even easier through USSD codes on mobile phones.

How to transfer money using Transfer Code Bank

Transfer Code Bank USSD:
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • GTBank
  • FCMB
  • Access Bank
  • Diamond Bank
  • UBA
  • WEMA Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Sky Bank
  • Unity Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Ecobank Bank
To transfer money from a bank in Nigeria to another, you must use a phone number registered when you just open your bank account. For some banks, it is automatically and some require you to register your number to use USSD services. Please note that all banks offer this service today, but will provide a list of banks that provide this service. Below is a list of all Nigerian banks USSD codes represented and how to use it. Transfer Code Bank USSD
  • USSD CODE first bank
First Bank has a variety of options for transactions and transfers of money, pay bills, withdraw cash and make purchases.
  • To transfer money, just dial * 894 # and select first
  • Dial * 894 # and select 2 to withdraw money.
  • Dial * 894 # and press 3 for shopping
  • Dial * 894 # and press 4 to pay the bills.

  • Dial * 894 # and press 5 to buy airtime.
  • Dial * 894 # and select 7 for account management.
  • Dial * 894 * Amount * No Acct #


Guarantee Trust Bank, GTB USSD CODE

GTB offers two options for transfer to a bank account GTB and other banks.
To send GTB bank account, users have to
  • Dial * 737 * 1 * Number * Account No # eg. * 737 * 1 * 5000 * 1234567890 #.
  • For other banks dial * 737 * 2 * number * Account Number # eg. * 737 * 2 * 2000 * 1234567890 #.

Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction

  • The Bank first city monument (FCMB) CODE USSD
For FCMB customers should Dial * 389 * 214 # after dialing FCMB message appears welcoming with these options.
1-S card
2. Activate Account
3 Activate the mWallet
It is necessary to choose option 2 typing 2 and pressing send, after which the message appears added services account number.
Then you receive a congratulations message that you are properly synchronized. For all transactions will generate a PIN will be sent to your phone, you need to call the contact center on 01-2798800 or visit the branch FCMB.
For safety reasons, it is necessary to change the PIN to dial * 389 * 214 # and select security in security you have chosen change PIN code and insert your default PIN to you after you enter your new four-digit PIN when prompted.
After you have completed all these steps, you can begin using and enjoy FCMB mobile services.
Note that you can choose * 389 * 214 # to announce access to a mobile FCMB.
  • EcoBank USSD Code
For Ecobank customers you have nothing to panic about, because the Ecobank USSD code can perform essential functions such as:
Check the current transfers
check the status
payment of bills
Read the mini-state
Buy broadcasting
For starters, dial * 326 #.
  • Unity Bank USSD code
For banks with Unity Bank can carry out their regular banking transactions and transfer money to other banks.
For starters, dial * 389 * 215 #
  • Skye Bank code USSD
Bank Skye Bank USSD Mobile offers a secure and easy way to transfer money from bank accounts and other bank accounts Skye.
Bank Skye Bank USSD Mobile allows you to make bill payments, check account balances, transfer funds, etc. For starters, dial * 833 #
Therefore, these steps and codes listed above are the means by which you can easily transfer money from one bank to another using USSD codes Nigerian banking. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and do not forget to share it so that others can benefit. Transfer Code Bank USSD
For those who bank with Wema Bank, if you want to transfer money to another account all you have to do is dial 945 lifestyle provides banking practice at hand. Simply dial * 945 # to start.


To transfer the money to your account to another bank Fidelity bank account, dial * 770 * Account number * number #. * * * 0987654321 eg 1000 770 #
Confirmation of account and select the PIN for their bank, if this is your first time to do the job, you have to create your PIN dial * 770 #, and then enter the account number Ranthaliya (Fidelity Bank account number) Select PIN has four digits.
This shows the account number before entering a four-digit PIN. This allows you to check if the account number is correct not to send money to the wrong account.
Note: If you had a savings account and current account with fidelity bank and used the same phone number for both accounts will be charged to your account before your first savings account. Transfer Code Bank USSD
If you have a bank account Yellow Diamond, transfer money to any dial * 710 * 777 * Account No. Amount * PIN #.
Transfer to Y’ello Y’ello Diamond Dial * 710 * 710 * phone amount * PIN #. Transfer Code Bank USSD
For those who have a bank with the pound before using the USSD code bank, you must register dial * 822 # and PIN will be required to perform duties after the recording is completed, you will receive a PIN. Transfer Code Bank USSD
With Sterling Bank USSD code you can:
Register / Turn on mobile money
Sending money to family and friends
Expand the broadcast for you, your friends and family

Check your status
Check your last three transactions
This addition marks the airtime, dial * 822 * number #.
This should be done with their registered phone number
The maximum amount is N2,000
This module is for family and friends who dial * 822 * number * mobile number #.
Then select the desired service Glo, MTN, Airtel and ETISALAT
The maximum amount per transaction is N2, 000.
To send your BVN, dial * 822 * 3 * BVN NE #
To send your BVN (for the bank without interest) dial * 822 * 4 * No # BVN.
For your BVN NOT dial * 565 * 0 #.
To check the account balance dial * 822 * 6 * Total c / c.
To download the account number, simply dial * 822 * 5 #.
  • To transfer money if you are using Zenith Bank, dial * 966 * Amount * Account number (e.g., * 966 * 1000 * 1234567890 #) phone number registered in Zenith Bank and follow the instructions.
To use this service or any other service, you must register for USSD bank.
How to apply for ZENITH BANK USSD codes
  • Simply dial * 966 * 00 # for your personal identification number, You will be asked to enter the last four digits of the debit card (ATM). On the next page shows the name of your account and you will be prompted to create a 4-digit PIN code. Confirm PIN 4-digit code. If successful, you will receive the message “get your balance. You will receive a text message with the status of all accounts. Transfer Code Bank USSD

Therefore, these steps and codes listed above are funds can easily transfer money from one bank to another by means of USSD codes Nigerian banks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and do not forget to share it so that others can benefit. Transfer Code Bank USSD