Top 10 Reason Kenya is Home For All

Top 10 Reason Kenya is Home For All

Are u planning to go somewhere with your family, loved ones or alone? You may think of visiting Kenya as it has more than fifty of the world’s most breathtaking national parks, harbours some of Earth’s most threatened wildlife and promises an experience that’s both spiritually moving and visually luminous.

  • 1. Genuine warm reception by the people of Kenya right from when one land at the airport, they greet you with the word ‘Jambo’
  • 2. Their weather condition is very good. They have a temperature that is pretty constant all year-round.

  • 3. Talking of accommodation and food- they have varieties one can choose from: be it tented camps that are built separate, lodges, luxurious hotels etc and these places offer mouth-watering dishes.
  • 4. For those who love to shop, Kenya has it all; beadwork, hand-woven linens and rugs, safari wear and art. It’s also a treasure trove of alternative gifts such as jewellery wrought from seeds, handbags fashioned from beer- bottle tops, sandals made from old tyres and the epitome of eco – friendly gifts — writing paper made from rhino or elephant dung.
  • 5. For lovers of wildlife, a visit to Marvel at the Mara Home to the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’ it has the annual migration of one-and-a-half million wild beast and their accompanying escort of zebra, antelope and predators — the Masai Mara remains Kenya’s most famous reserve thanks to the sheer brilliance of its game viewing. Here, in a single morning, you can expect to see vast numbers of elephant, lion, giraffe, hippo and a

    veritable kaleidoscope of plains game, interspersed with such superb sightings as a lone cheetah perched on a termite mound, a leopard up a tree or a family of warthogs high-tailing across the Savannah.
  • 6. Fly high One can take to the skies for a bird’s-eye view of the traditional safari. Look down on a lion kill from the basket of your hot-air balloon,set out on a helicopter safari around Laikipia, the Chalbi Desert or the Matthews Range, or fly around the snowy peaks of Mount Kenya in an executive jet. Kenya is one of the cheapest and most pleasurable places to qualify as a pilot, book a course through Kenya School of Flying.
  • 7. Their guides are professionals- they have available,specially trained language guides for their tourists and those who cant speak English Language.
  • 8. To experience the full-frontal fuchsia fusion, one should go to Lake Nakuru -Nakuru is also Kenya’s leading rhino sanctuary; the only park where it is almost impossible not to see a rhino (black or white), as well as being a good place to spot leopards.
  • 9. Visiting with ones family gives an opportunity to spend more and quality time together and this strengthens the family bond.

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