Top 10 Highest Rated Currencies In The World 2017

Highest Rated Currencies


The World’s Top 10 Highest Rated Currencies In 2017

Highest Rated Currencies

The highest rated currencies have some of the most valuable pieces in the world. The exchange rate is a key indicator of the economic health of the nation. The flow of money from developed and rich countries to poor and developing countries is essential and crucial for prosperity and peace in the world. United States Gulf and USD dominant position in the currency market in the world. They are all world trade and depend on the currency and its value, a strong currency is the strongest economy. Highest rated currencies 2017

The dollar is the criterion for the assessment of all the currencies of other countries and generally gives the impression that the most important among all currencies. However, there are some world currencies, which are equally popular, to be used in trade and international relations. He has prepared a list of Highest Rated Currencies and ranked according to their popularity with world currency ranking list

Here is a list of  top 10 highest rated currencies in the world  2017 

10. Corona Norway

Highest Rated Currencies

At number 10 of this list is the currency of Norway, Crown, which ranked among the top 10, because Norway is a major exporter of oil and metals, especially steel.

9. Hong Kong Dollar

Highest Rated Currencies

The next entry in the list of major world currencies with Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong is becoming a major economy, with the presence of some banks and large companies, in addition to being the center of international commercial shipments.

8. Swedish Crown

Highest Rated Currencies

Another popular currency is the Swedish crown, the credit is due to the fact that Sweden has a stable economy, as the largest producer of steel and palladium, precious metal. As a result, he won a place on the list of the top 10 major world currencies.

7. Canadian Dollar

Highest Rated Currencies

With Next on the list is the Canadian dollar, which is involved in selling products in major markets of Central America and the Caribbean, so its very popular currency. As for the US, 0.92 Canadian dollars is equivalent to $ 1.

6. Australian Dollar

Highest Rated Currencies

Another currency that makes the list of top 10 world currency is the Australian dollar, which has gained momentum in recent years as the country heavily involved in the sale and transport of goods from countries such as India and China.

5. Swiss Franc

Highest Rated Currencies

The Swiss franc is a popular currency which is widely used during World War I and II. The importance of this rate can be judged by what it was convertible into gold until 2003, and today it is one of the most stable among all world currencies.

4. Sterling

Highest Rated Currencies

Next on the list of popular currency in the world is the official currency in the UK, the British pound, which was one of the currencies used around the world during the 19th and 20th centuries now, the pound is equal to $ 1.60, which is a strong currency against the US dollar

3. Japanese Yen

Highest Rated Currencies

Closely followed by the Japanese yen, which is a leader in the Asian regions, especially in less developed as North Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam economy currency. Since the Japanese economy is rapidly progressive with excellent economics of the business policy, that money is now on the list.


Highest Rated Currencies

Number 2 on the list of 10 world currencies is Euro, which also has the largest amount of money in circulation in the world today, nearly 751,000 million €. The power of this work is its wide application in all major European countries, winning this place on the list.

1. US Dollar

Highest Rated Currencies

Popularity wise, the US dollar is the most traded currency in the world, and is used as a single currency for international transactions worldwide. Using this as the base currency is carried out after the agreement of the Bretton Woods was signed in 1944 after the Second World War.

The supply of the parts listed here is the fact that all countries are growing rapidly As for trade and exports.

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