Tourism Cape Town In the late 1800s, a military man, Mr M Bertoux won a prize offered by a French newspaper for the best method of carrying a passenger with a bicycle. Apparently, Bertoux suggested designs along the line of a sidecars as the best way to carry a passenger with a bicycle. By early 1900s, people were seen around driving a bicycle or a motorcycle with a one-wheeled vehicle attached to it. Sidecars were used during WWII, and it was popular up until the ’50s when four wheeled vehicles were now very common.

Although sidecars are attachments to motorcycles, being a master of motorcycle does not exactly mean being able to drive a sidecar motorcyle as one would ride a motorcycle. It’s true that the use of a sidecars is a better way of transporting more with a motorcycle, and that unequivocally means the combination must be full on ground.
However, the way a driver will swerve to left with a motorcycle with a sidecars is different from swerving to the right. And it’s a totally different ball game when driving a combination with an empty sidecar. A driver has to watch the way they brake, the way they position themselves, and if the sidecar is empty it is advisable to put a ballast in it. So to speak, a motorcycle rider needs more technical know-how to drive a motorcycle sidecar.

Today, tourism cape town ‘sidecars’ are rarely used, even though some manufacturers still continue producing them. They are now commonly seen in racing events, old movies, and certain places around the world. And as such they are classified as classics. To the mind of an adventorous soul, going on a sidecar is definitely part of their bucket list. I remember seeing an old Indian movie over a decade ago, and all I could think of was going on one of such. The feeling is a mutual one to almost all who saw a sidecar in action at some point in their lives. Whether you are carrying an associate at the back and another by your side, or you just have one by your side. Perhaps, you are the one sitting in the sidecar, they are just perfect for transportation.

South Africa being a country that offers a lot of tourist attraction, you can enjoy and open-air experience of Tourism Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula while being chauffeured around the city in a classic World War II combination. With under 1000 Rand, you can get a tour of the city, and the beauty of it is you get geared up, and you can also tailor the route to your wish. The full-day Cape Town tour starts out around the Atlantic Seaboard, then you head towards Chapmans Peak Drive to Cape Point. The route back is via Simonstown, Boyes Drive and the Constantia Winelands. In totality you get to experience the nooks and crannies of Tourism Cape Town while having fun, and fulfilling something you’ve probably always wanted to do.


South African Tourism: The Sun City