One Billion Tourists, One Billion

  • On September 27th 2015, unwto tourism and the world tourist celebrated the move of One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities around the world. As the world tourism community celebrates this achievement, South Africa celebrates with world tourism as one of the best tourism destination in Africa. In this article, unwto tourism examine the ‘a billion tourist, a billion opportunities’ slogan in the south African context.
  • South Africa has worked assiduously to improve the competitive advantage of its tourism sector and with the recent support from the South African government; South Africa is slowly emerging as the best world tourism destination in the whole of sub-Saharan destinations to achieve One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities.
  • For the one billion tourists in the world, South Africa offers a billion reasons to experience the African brilliance, award-winning wine regions, new cities alongside with ancient cultures and people and golden beaches. Nature is never as welcoming as it is in South Africa. Besides, a visit to Kruger would wow even the world’s most pampered royals and celebrities for world tourist For the capitalistic tourist, a visit to south Africa would open one up to One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities and world tourism for investment in cities that are bubbling with vibrant knowledgeable youths with experience hands in many a diverse fields.
  • Information technology ideas that have become renowned worldwide have been born in south Africa; thus, a venture capitalist with an eye for good things will find south Africa as a non-competitive playing ground where many start-ups are just sitting there waiting to be discovered among the world tourism world tourism is a market that is full of potential, South Africa provides an entrepreneur with the organized and well-developed economic infrastructure one would expect in world tourism in developed economies but it adds to a vibrant emerging market and a cheaper workforce.
  • Truly, there are more than One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities in world tourism; why the world tourist should visit South Africa and create his/her billion opportunities in world tourism GO SA!