Register For NYSC Online Registration; 4 steps How

How To Register For NYSC Online Registration; 4 Steps

The National Youth Service Corps; is a national programme Nigerian graduates whether home or abroad enroll into in order to serve their fatherland. This article would show you the step by step guide on How To Register For NYSC Online Registration Programme.


This is very important, only people that their names had been received by the NYSC body would be able to register for the programme. This may sound shady to you but actually, many people had graduated but their name had been mistakenly omitted. So go to your school Senate or academic board and confirm.


Now that you had confirmed your name, proceed to and click on Registration for the mobilisation of blah… blah… blah… Depending on your batch and year of service.

After clicking, you would be taken to a page where you would be required to fill your email address and secret question and answer. Fill them and click proceed. After this, Check your email and you would see a message containing a link, click the link and it would take you to the next phase of the registration.

On this page, 2 informations are required, but you would only fill one as the second one had been auto fill using the information sent by your school. The part you would fill is the credentials part and then confirm the information as been correct before clicking the “submit and continue” button.

The next page that would open would be for payment if incase you would want to receive your call up number and letter in your email, it cost 3k to register for this. If you aren’t interested, it isn’t mandatory. To continue without payment, click the “continue without payment” option and you would be taken to the fingerprint scanner. This is where you have to go to either a cafe or simply card registration centre and pay to use their scanner. To use the scanner, you need to download the driver here

After doing the fingerprint scanning, the next step becomes pretty easy for you to fill, nothing technical there. Fill out all the required information and submit until you are done.


If you study outside the country, you need to upload scanned copies of your documents. These include first degree certificate and transcript, West African School Certificate/
GCE/NECO or High School Diploma (if applicable). Also, International Passport and letters of verification in cases where the accreditation of the institution is put in doubt, this may be institutions in Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and many others. You may need to get all these translated into English language if you’re in a non-English speaking country, this can be done in the embassy.

Also, you need not go to NYSC headquarters in Abuja for verification as that would be done in the orientation camp, so come along with the original.


Local students are expected only to upload their first degree certificate and and West African School Certificate/GCE/NECO, this is because their school must have done that using their matric number.

Note: all students local or foreign need to upload signature.


For those that are married and would not want to be separated from their spouse, they should upload their marriage certificate, evidence of change of name and document showing your spouse’s place of residence.


For students of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Medical Laboratory Science you are expected to upload your registration certificates issued by the respective councils. This  would either be Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN), Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) and Medical laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.

After uploading all these, you have successfully finished your registration for NYSC and subsequently, you would receive your callup letters through your phone/email (for those that paid 3k) or go to your school to get it(local students). International students can get it from NYSC headquarters in Abuja.