Nathi Mankayi Biography

Nathi Mankayi Biography

Nathi Mankayi Biography : Nathi Mankayi, a South African singer, song writer, painter and a sculptor was born in a small town known as Maclear in Eastern Cape, near the Mooi River.


Nathi was born on 23rd Dec. 1983 into a very poor home. His father wanting to the better his live and that of his family left Maclear to Johannesburg, the journey he went for and never returned. With this, Nathi Mankayi was singlehandedly raised by his mother who sells fruits and other items to sustain him and his other five siblings.

He had always nursed the dream of going to an art school but his dream was shattered when he was arrested for robbery which he termed as caused by the influence of friends. He and his friends manages to escape but he surrendered himself willing seeing he could no longer live the life of a criminal. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison in 2006. This didn’t stop him from becoming whom he had wanted to be as he contested fora local competition known as Dare to Dream which he lost to his younger sister in 2011.


He was reported to have said he knew he was going to be a musician from the age of 10 because he is from a Christian home and they normally had night prayer which consists of singing, this was when he discovered himself. He later tried the Dare to Dream competition and won in 2013. This was the beginning of the great things he finds himself now.

As at December of 2014, Vusi Nova met Nathi through their music manager and taken by the quality and sheer talent apparent in both the artists, a collaboration was formed. This collaboration lead to the musical hit “Nomakanjani”  which within it first week of release made to the Top 10 of various South African radio station chart.

After this, he had continued his struggles and release an album “Buyelekhaya”, in March 2015 consisting of 10 tracks through iTunes all within the 30 and his first single “Nomvula” as at that time became South African’s #1 best selling music. This song had been a major hit in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Botswana.

This album “Buyelekhaya” has managed to secure a gold platinum status and then double platinum within just six weeks of it release which is quite impressive considering the fact that the first single “Nomvula” is still making the rounds with Nathi’s ever-growing fan base which includes the likes of Bonington Matheba of The Front Row on Metro FM declare her public approval of the song. Nathi is currently signed under the record label Ghetto Ruff/Muthaland Entertainment.


Nathi is an award winning artist and had won 5 awards from the 15th Metro FM Music Awards, these include; Best African pop Album, Best Male Album, Best New Artist, Best R&B Single and Song of the Year.

He had also won some awards in 2016 from 22nd

South African Music Awards like Album of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, Best R&B/soul/Reggae Album, Best Selling Album and Best Selling Full-Track Download among others.


He is also a philanthropist and had team up with other artists for an innovative known as Stand for South Africa which is a which is a school campaign and community development project that seeks to awake the consciousness of the youth. Among other things, they had stand in fiance resistance to the xenophobia attack in South Africa. To learn more about this campaign, visit

He had always said Love describes his music identity and strives to give his fans the kind of taste in music they had always yawned for making them always loyal to him, a thing that keeps him surprised and fulfilled at the same time.


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