Have you ever wondered how life would have been if you resided in a cultural village. Perhaps, you believe what you have heard about villages are over-simplified or exaggerated. The moonlight sitting for night stories and fables. The cultural dancing, the dressing, and the foods.

In a nutshell, the simple way of life, and life in its most basic and It’s not surprising to hear that in the era we are, a lot of cultures are not really traditional as they used to be. Redefinition happened to a lot of traditional cultures mostly found in cultural villages a long time ago. Certain parts of most traditions are now under emphasized. Others are now a thing of history, and due to little or no documentation, whether they once existed is a thing of debate. The westernization of Africa even further help bury these cultures we have around here. But even the west are so westernized that their traditions are fading away.

Cultural Village: Lesedi village Cultural Tours amidst our heritage going extinct and trying to preserve the ones we have, there are still places around the world that still have their cultures intact. One of such is the Lesedi Village Cultural Tours. The setting is that of the new and old Africa with a collaboration effort from African explorer, Kingsley Holgate as well. Lesedi village is a perfect symbolism of how places around the world used to be rich with cultures, and the essence of communalism.

Cultural Village: Lesedi Village Cultural tours is a journey and experience that takes you through the cultural heritage of an indigenous South African black person. It’s an experience that takes you through all you have heard; the depictions you saw on TV, and experiences never heard before. The stories, the setting, the dishes, buildings, dances, songs with sounds that resonates Africa through horns and African guitar. Touring Lesedi Village gives experience next to none, amidst colourful and vibrant cultural dynamism dated back to their very beginning.
Lesedi village Cultural Tours is a journey that starts through the nooks and cranny of Ndebele village seeing and experiencing what makes the colourful Ndebele people of the Nguni tribes what they are. Going from the homestead of one of the four ethnic divisions that make up Ndebele to another. From the popular Zulu, through Basotho, and Xhosa to the artistic Pedi ethnic. The experience takes you through the essential human virtues of an ancestral African person. And at the end of it all, you get to rest your tired eyes in a traditional lodge.