Going To Africa; How


Going To Africa: For those who are traveling to Africa for the first time, it can be a little intimidating for them when they come here because of the overpriced hotels, lack of infrastructure and frustrating public transportation. But keeping these aside, what makes Africa a must visit place to travel is the scenic landscapes, beaches and the culture. Hearing about all these things makes one want to visit Africa once but the question arises is that how to get around once you reach here. Let’s see the different modes of transportation that will help you getting around in Africa.

Going To Africa: Modes of Transportation in Africa

1.     Public Bus

Want to know more about Africa? Get on the public buses as a mean to take you to your destination while catching up with the local Africans to know more about them. The public buses are usually taken for journeys that are longer where there are good networks of sealed roads. These buses are a safe and cheapest way to travel providing you with comfort and space.

2.     Rent a Car

Make sure to keep a good amount with you if you plan on hiring a car when traveling to Africa. . Comparing the rent from other parts of Africa that are pretty costly for around $75 to $100 per day, the best place to hire a car is from South Africa where the rent rates are around $30 a day especially if you hire it online. There’s no doubt to it that hiring a car is more safe than using a public bus and gives you more freedom, privacy and comfort but they are pretty expensive too, keeping in mind you have to pay for the fuel expenses too.

3.     Minivans

Jump and get on the minivans to start your travel journey in Africa. If you want a crazy ride, these minivans are for you. You must be wondering what makes it crazy right? Well, these minivans are stuffed with people and won’t leave till they are full. They are one of the cheapest way of transport here usually for the journeys that are up to 6 hours long.

4.     Overland Safari Tours

If you are a little scared to travel on your own here, the best way to get around is to take the option of overland safari tours. These tours are organized packages for short term travelers who want to travel in Africa and are willing to pay a good amount to use this expensive mode of transport. The good part here is that as expensive as it is, food, transport and accommodation costs are included in it.


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