Walter Sisulu Square: Freedom Park South Soweto

Walter Sisulu Square: Freedom Park South Soweto

Walter Sisulu Square About sixty years ago, precisely 26th of June 1955, the people of South Africa saw the need to make one of their important dreams come true; A South Africa of freedom, Walter Sisulu Square where you are not restricted to living under your fundamental human rights. Despite the fact that the apartheid government was against the movement, several people including congress men from around South Africa came together at walter sisulu Square in the heart of Kliptown, Soweto all bonding together to achieve a common vision. This vision centers around freedom and unity. In that year, history was made and the Freedom Charter was declared by the people of South Africa for South Africa and the world at large:

1). The People Shall Govern!
2). All National Groups Shall have Equal Rights!
3). The People Shall Share in the Country’s Wealth!
4). The Land Shall be Shared among Those Who Work It!
5). All Shall be Equal Before the Law!
6). All Shall Enjoy Equal Human Rights!
7). There Shall be Work and Security!
8). The Doors of Learning and Culture Shall be Opened!
9). There Shall be Houses, Security and Comfort!
10). There Shall be Peace and Friendship!


WE WILL FIGHT FOR, SIDE BY SIDE, THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES, UNTIL WE HAVE WON OUR LIBERTY”, so they pledged. We all know that when such agreements like the Freedom Charter binds a community together, such community is bound to thrive in peace, unity, freedom and of course such community becomes a fun place to stay. And in the case of Kliptown where Water Sisilu Square is situated, it became a land filled with rich history and diversified culture making it an interesting place for people within and beyond. In the earliestt years, people would come together from Kliptown and Soweto for jive and dance gatherings which were known as “Sessions.” While others were clamoring for freedom, people at walter Sisilu Square were having the best time of their lives by participating in different entertaining events. People lived their everyday lives as it should be lived, and everyone knew that hope still exists for this world of ours. Now, years have passed since the Freedom Charter was declared in the ’50s, but walter Sisulu Square still carries the very essence that binds the lands it is rooted. Musicians like Brenda Fassie, Brothers of Peace, the late Jabu Khanyile, and lately kwaito groups known as Teargas frequented and still frequent the Square just like great artistes did in the past. Moreover, being one of the four squares in Johannesburg makes it a hot centre of attraction; People come from all around the world to see “The 10 pillars of the Freedom Charter”, “The 9 provincial crosses”, “The monument”, “The tshisa nyama- braai area”, “The Soweto Hotel”, “The Kliptown Open Air Museum”, “The Kliptown Multi Purpose Hall”, “Kliptown Flea Market”, “Kliptown Eco Museum”, and “Buskers”.

Be it you are out to quench your curiosity, feed your brain, feed your mouth, feed your eyes, feed your pocket, or perhaps you just want a place to relax, Sisulu Square is the place for you. And if you’re planning to stay overnight, the four-star 48 rooms Holiday Inn at Walter Sisulu Square will be more than enough.

Freedom Park South Soweto (Walter Sisulu Square), a place to experience freedom like never before, have fun like never before, live life like never before . . .