Facts and Figures About SocialMedia

In this advanced stage of the development of social media, most will agree that large companies adopted new opportunities to taste and success. Several experts say that companies like Ford and Starbucks are ahead of the curve power of Web 2.0. In fact, one could say that the media are re-work, promoting a huge innovation, new products and renewed strength in the market.

This are basic Facts and Figures About SocialMedia

1. over 75% of all Internet users in social networks. SocialMedia sites used as extra space on the Internet, but it turned out that these sites are now the bread modern web activities. They are an important part of all web traffic.
And going forward, we will see that the page appear more social media. If you have not already logged in, you’ll probably be hooked in 2016.

2. For younger users, Instagram is more important than Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook and Twitter are the leaders in the title, their dominant status means that the younger generation is considered “old school”.
In fact, Instagram is a social network that the fastest growing 2015. According to eMarketer, there are over 77 million users Instagram in the United States and it is expected that the number of breaking 100 million in 2018, meaning 1 3 people in the United States. UU. They will be using Instagram through this point. While Instagram could be the most modern site around, there is evidence to suggest that his days are already done, because younger users begin to adopt new media like Snapchat and wines.

LinkedIn is the third largest social network for professionals. LinkedIn is a value proportional to where you are in your career. This is the place where you should be if you want to build new connections and business relationships, and since 2002.

This is especially important for new workers in the labor force. LinkedIn users 400 million, 39 million students and recent college graduates, and that number continues to grow.

Not only that, but consider the fact that millionaires prefer LinkedIn on all social networks, and Facebook exceptions. In a survey of 1,300 millionaires, at least 41% of them regularly use LinkedIn. Imagine what might happen if you achieved a connection with one of these millionaires.

4. Most social networks equally divided between men and women … except Pinterest, which is used by 42% of women but only 13% of men. For comparison, Facebook uses 77% compared to 66%, Instagram was used by 29% compared to 22%, Tag is used by 21% compared to 24% and LinkedIn is used by 27% compared to 28% .

For some reason, women love Pinterest while men despise.

5. For the 18-49 age group, YouTube has more range than any cable network. This statistic was first come to light in 2013, but the truth is that the popularity of YouTube and the scope widened further since then.

And this is just the beginning. Behavior cutting wire is on the rise, and there is already clear evidence that streaming online ahead of cable television in terms of popularity and demand.

6th YouTube is huge, but Facebook is still higher. Everyone knows that Google is the most visited site in the world, but no one will blame you if you thought YouTube was the second. As popular as it is, however, overs hadowed by Facebook.

Survey Web users found that 77% use Facebook, 63% use YouTube, 25% use LinkedIn, 24% use Google Plus and 21% use Twitter. Realistically, YouTube just over 1 billion monthly users, while Facebook has more than 1.5 million users per month. The difference is significant.

7th largest online dating site is really a social network: Badoo. All these places have a public profile humblest Badoo, but the truth is that Badoo has the largest number of members from afar.

8th Reddit is the best social network for large communities. On its tenth anniversary, Reddit is a little more than 36 million user accounts distributed among 850,000 + subreddits (ie individual communities) and about 10,000 of these subreddits yesterday some activities.

9th encourage the development of extremist views on social media. The beauty of socialmedia is that it gives the end user a lot of control, but that control is a double-edged sword: it is ideal to find someone

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