• The beauty of this fascinating city is best described by its romantic and temperate climate, magnificent geography and landmarks as well as mind-blowing tourist attractions. This has made the city a destination of choice for many tourists and fun seekers within and outside Nigeria. What’s the name of this pristine and cosmopolitan city domiciled in Nigeria’s middle belt? Jos!
  • The city is bounded by Bauchi (North-East), Kaduna (North West), Nassarawa(South-West) and Taraba (South-East). The sights and sounds, the buzz of day-to-day life and the splendid nightlife of this endowed city entices people to the town.
  • Today, Jos is not only popular for being the meeting point of different ethnic groups in Nigeria but also a tourist hub that continue to attract visitors from all over the world.
  • Plateau state derived its name from the Jos Plateau with Jos as its state capital. Jos plateau is a tableland with an altitude of 1,280 metres above sea level and covers 8,600km. It seats at the centre of the city and it is a site with wonderful rock formations.
  • Riyom rock is located in Riyom town. It is a landmark whose formation leaves tourists astounded because it physically appears as if the rocks were prearranged by someone which is not the case. It is a natural rock formation.
  • The Jos wildlife park is as old as Jos itself. The park hosts different kinds of animals ranging from the reptiles, primates, and birds.
  • Others are cattle, elephants, gazelles, lions, hyenas, crocodiles, jackals, tortoise, water turtle and python. Also, baboons, chimpanzees and monkeys of different species are held in cages for sightseeing. It offers the best of wildlife to visitors!