Largest City In Nigeria: You must have heard about Ajegunle at least seven times in your lifetime if you are a true Nigerian above twenty years of age. Ajegunle seemed to be the most trending keyword for the Nigerian music industry in the late 90s and the early 2000s. Musicians sang about it incessantly, footballers credited their success to this place, renowned writers, teachers and poets proudly associate themselves with this place. The question now is: what is so special about largest city in Nigeria; Ajegunle that made it the most popular ghetto on the African continent?

This article intends to discuss that The popularity of largest city in Nigeria; Ajegunle is not just a coincidental one. People from different works of life do not just wish to associate themselves with this ghetto because it is cool but because of the treasures therein. largest city in Nigeria; Ajegunle is really a micro-representation of all the Nigerian people, their religions and cultures. Wikipedia describes it as “a concentration of all the many ethnic groups in Nigeria.” Another scholar stated that if you wish to learn about Nigeria and its cultures, two options are opened to you: one, travel the country and visit the many different places to interact with many different people or(two) you can just visit one of the largest city in Nigeria; ‘Ajegunle’ for a week.

Definitely Ajegunle did not gain all the prominence it enjoys around Africa by the virtue of its people alone. Another winning point of this Nigerian ghetto is in its name. In Yoruba, the name Ajegunle means “ fortune has arrived”  and this name alone has been the major reason why people have fluxed into the district.

True to its name, the slums of Ajegunle though littered with trash and void of basic infrastructure like sewage systems and good water supply have lifted more families out of poverty and penury than many big districts of Nigeria. From footballers, to Music stars to Africa-renowned writers and poets, Ajegunle have given many families more than just survival but fortune and recognition.  Is it Samson Siasia? Or Emmanuel Emunike? Or is it Daddy Showkey, African China? Name them! Ajegunle have lifted countless young men from hopelessness to glory and have taken them to the world stage.

You have had of the filth, the dirt, the lack of toilets, the stench that fill street but Ajegunle is still a ghetto that has a secret that has made lots of families to become very rich- and is still making many more- with their sons and daughters earning millions of dollars abroad’.

There ain’t no ghetto that is full of hope like Ajegunle. Even the name suggests hope!

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