Top Ten African Richest People

Top 10 Billionaires In Africa

Top Ten African Richest  People In The World.

1)    Aliko Dangote – Net worth: $ 15.7 billion (Nigeria) African richest  people

Some announced this as the new face of Nigeria. He is 1st African Richest People. He built his fortune through three products: sugar, cement, flour and plans to invest in oil. His net worth increased $ 25 million in February 2014, after a weaker currency in Nigeria and a fall in demand for cement. He made his first fortune in there for more than three decades ago, when he began trading goods with a loan from his powerful uncle.

2) Johann Rupert – Net worth: $ 7.4 billion (South Africa) African richest  people

Johann Rupert is a billionaire luxury goods. He is president of Compagnie Financière Richemont, a Swiss company known for brands such as Cartier and Montblanc. Rupert 7 percent stake in REMGRO and Reinet 25 percent. He worked for a time in the Chase Manhattan Bank. He was a vocal opponent of fracking.

3) Nicky Oppenheimer – Net worth: $ 6.7 billion (South Africa)

Family Oppenheimer ended his reign of 85 years on the diamond giant De Beers in 2012 when Nicky Oppenheimer sold its 40 percent in Anglo-American countries to $ 5.1 billion.

4) Christoffel Wiese – Net worth: $ 6.3 billion (South Africa)

The self-made billionaire from South Africa, he continues to pursue deals; adding their wealth. A retail tycoon announced plans to exchange its minority stake in the digital camera to a computer company for an interest in ConvergeNet. Wiese has a 15% stake in the ShopRite Holdings, the cash supermarket chain with the presence in several African countries.

5) Nassef Sawiris – Net worth: $ 6.3 billion (Egypt)

Nassef Sawiris is the richest man in Egypt. 53-year-old won the case tax evasion of several million who are faced against the government of former Egyptian President Morsi.

6) Mike Adenuga – Net worth: $ 4 billion (Nigeria)

The second richest man in Nigeria. Mike Adenuga made his fortune through investments in mobile telecommunications and oil production.

7) Mohamed Mansour – Net value: $ 4,000,000,000 (Egypt)

Mohamed Mansour Group monitors. They reported an increase in sales in the automotive sector GM family, which has fallen sharply because of the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

8) Nathan Kirsh – Net worth: $ 3.9 billion (Swaziland)

Swazi Business, Nathan Kirsh’s founder JETRO Holdings, cash and carry wholesaler of perishable and non-perishable household items, equipment, consumables and related products in the shop traders. Kirsch made his first fortune in Swaziland decade when he founded a factory for processing of corn in 1958. After that, the spread of food and apartheid in South Africa and the development of the commercial real estate.

9) Isabel dos Santos – Net worth: $ 3.3 billion (Angola)

The richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos is working to expand its solid investment. She is the daughter of long-time President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos.

10) Issad rebrab and family – Net worth: $ 3.1 billion (Algeria)

Issad rebrab the founder Cevital, the largest private conglomerate in Algeria, which has one of the largest sugar refineries in the world. The Group has interests in port terminals, automobile distribution, mining, and agriculture. It is the richest person in Algeria.