African Hairstyles; The Best Braiding 2017

The best African Hairstyles To Turn Heads

With African Hairstyles, braiding, give your hair a rest. You can protect your hair from the negative elements in the environment. Strands of hair can make room for your creativity. Most black women are sporting braids as they are with a strong black hair braids holds good.

African Hairstyles History

African Hairstyles is an ancient art form that is part of the tribal customs of Africa. In fact, the origin way back in 3500 BC in Egypt. Each region and tribe in Africa has its own hair braiding style. Once upon a time, way to identify tribal members used. It can also be a symbol of their age, social status, marital status, religion, power, wealth and community. There are some hair treatments and intricate designs that are intended only for certain ceremonies as a rite of passage, weddings, social ceremonies, and others. In addition to its deep cultural meaning, it can also be a fashion statement.

From a young age, girls and tribes wearing hair braids. It is usually made by older relatives or their grandmother, mother, sister or cousin. Observe how it works, so that they can learn. They can practice with their peers or girls who are younger than until they become experts. This is done as a social duty no reward at all. When the braids, the villagers apply palm oil or shea butter and argan oil on hair.

A human hair is a tedious task can sometimes take a day or two. Some people practice informal reciprocity. This means that if someone braid your hair, then you should return the favor wattle yours. Over time, hair braiding handed over to professionals. Over the years, many hair salons have spread to urban areas of the United States.

Since the hair braiding takes some time to complete, it gives women an opportunity to socialize. In Africa, braiding hair is considered a symbol of friendship, intimacy and trust. In the halls, braids and customers often talk and laugh together. Braids custom is lost to time during the slave trade. However, he was raised by immigrants who came from Mali, Togo, Guinea and others. The descendants of these immigrants are encouraged to wear braids hair continue this African tradition.

The importance of hair

In African culture, there is a belief that women with thick hair can lead to several children. This can have great wealth and farms. Members of the tribe are not allowed to have their hair, because it is a sign clutter, dirt and sadness. They must not leave his hair alone during the ceremony of death.

A person who has a good hair care is considered to be healthy and well-educated. It is recommended that women wear their hair in braids. It can also help to attract partners. Braids can keep your hair away during the fire dances.


The composition of each hair depends on the gender, age, color and origin. The hair protects the head from the sun, cold, and other injuries. The health of your hair depends largely on the foods you eat. Length of your hair depends on the DNA of your body. On average, the head of a human being is about 120 square inches per square inch, has about 1,0000 hair. Today there are many products that can help in the general welfare of her hair.

Braiding hair types

Earth braids are generally worn by women. It consists of a strand of hair that are placed on the skin. Every part of the hair is braided fabric to another. Once done, you can have straight hair braid. It seems that the hair cut close to the scalp.

Cornrows are basically the same with braids in the country. The apartment is located on the scalp and follows the shape of your head. The only difference is in the process of knitting. Braids, hair is woven together. Therefore, it will look as large braid. Two twisted braids as the country can be made in various lengths. Of course, thinner bring more and spend long braids. Cornrow braids are old. It started back in the 500 years before Christ. During the Nok civilization of Nigeria. There are various styles, including a complex linear spirals and curves. How to look neat, African men and women slaves transported braids. Braids are conducted by well-known African-American figures such as Benjamin Banneker and Frances Harper. In the 1950s, black artists called “African”. It has been used by Odetta, Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln and others. In 1970, Tapes increased. Cicely Tyson and Stevie Wonder wore this style. In 1990, cornrows can be seen in hip-hop artists such as Ludacris, Lil ‘Bow Wow, and others. He became famous celebrity style and wore other celebrities such as basketball star Allen Iverson.

In simple braids, a small section of hair is braided in the end. May be a different length. Again, thin braids cause more braids, long and expensive.

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